Efficiently Manage Your Pavement

By applying machine learning algorithms and image processing to dash cam imagery, Payver can automatically detect where and when your pavement needs maintenance.

We pride ourselves on partnering with the most innovative and respected consulting firms in the industry.

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Make Sure Striping is Visible at Night

Striping Reflectivity

Being able to see lane markings at night is crucial in preventing lane departures, especially on the forefront of autonomous driving. For the first time, the Federal Highway Administration set a minimum standard for the retroreflectivity of pavement markings. 

We believe this is a bright opportunity for agencies to innovate their roadway maintenance.

Make sure you're meeting that standard with Payver.

Preserve the Life of Pavement

Cracking and Pot Holes

Payver can automatically detect cracking and pot holes within 1% accuracy of LiDar. With Payver, pavement maintenance issues can be detected in near real-time, so you can preserve the life of your pavement.

Rather than sending out LiDar trucks to scan roadways, Payver can automatically and passively deliver the same results at a fraction of the cost.

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Manage segments of pavement

PASER Scoring

With Payver, you can passively and automatically conduct PASER analysis of your roadways. Stop sending employees out to scan roadways and let Payver do it for you.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Accurate
Monitor Paint Line Condition Over Time

Paint Line Degradation

With Payver, you can automatically gain insights into the quality of your paint lines over time with our new paint line degradation model.

With the click of a button, instantly view graphs and compare segments of roadway to pin point areas of weakness and streamline your restriping efforts.

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Faded Striping
Make Sure Striping is Visible


Payver can rate the quality of your road striping and other roadway markings.

Payver rates paint lines from 1 (worst) to 5 (best). This data is viewable on a map and also be segmented. Insights can even be directly imported to your work flow, so road marking issues can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Make Sure Active Transportation Markings Are Visible

Active Transportation

Payver can rate the quality of your active transportation markings such as:

  • Bike Lanes
  • Cross Walks
  • Sidewalks
  • Intersection Crossings
Fading Crosswalk

Our Partners


Through our partnership with Summit Design and Engineering Services, we are able to deliver our clients data quickly and efficiently. Payver is offered as part of their maintenance management services.

Summit DE offers a variety of Maintenance Management services including pavement condition assessment and asset management. Payver is used to collect data and insights on pavement condition and streamline all of this data on one platform. 

Summit prides themselves on offering clients the most current technology and their partnership with us is proof of this.

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Blyncsy’s Payver technology and Horrocks’ insights allow a smart and streamlined process for Departments of Transportation, Cities, Local Governments and other agencies to collect data on safety critical transportation issues and to extend the useful life of their infrastructure quickly and efficiently. 

Horrocks offers Payver as an alternative to LiDAR technology for their customers.

Our Payver product is more efficient than LiDAR technology in many ways. Not only is Payver 25% the cost of LiDAR, it also takes only 5% of the time. It also saves 66 man hours and 2,000 pounds of CO2 per 1,000 miles surveyed.