Roadside Asset Inventory Management

Manage Roadside Assets Remotely From Your Desk or Mobile Device

Using dash cam imagery and machine learning algorithms, Blyncsy can automatically and passively detect roadside asset maintenance issues.

Make Sure Crash Cushions Are Intact

Impact Attenuators

Impact attenuators save lives- but only if they are properly repaired and replaced. With Blyncsy, automatically detect if crash cushions have been damaged, rather than sending employees out to find them.

We have also collaborated with Lindsay Infrastructure™ to further improve their RoadConnect™ technology. RoadConnect™ allows you to get notified when crash cushions and other road side assets are impacted. Verify alerts with imagery from Blyncsy before sending employees out into the field.

  • Automated
  • Save Resources
  • Increase Safety
Lindsay and Blyncsy
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Monitor Signs


Missing signs are a safety critical issue that can lead to injuries or even fatalities. With Blyncsy,  you can automatically detect if signs are leaning, missing, or damaged in near real-time so they can be fixed or replaced efficiently.

Keep Roads Clean and Safe


With machine vision, you can get automated when trash or other debris is on or near roadways.

Know where to send clean up crews and when safety critical issues occur to ensure effective and quick responses.

Make Sure Curbs are Clear

Curb Detection

Curb-side and gutter debris are large contributors to flooding. With limited man-power and large areas of coverage, finding and clearing gutter debris effectively can be difficult to do.

We can detect:

  • Flooding
  • Trash
  • Blockages