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The way we move and behave can impact every aspect of our lives. Blynscy is here to support organizations to make better decisions when it comes to traffic, safety, and health. Our platform collects and analyzes this data to provide you with actionable insights allowing you to make smarter decisions quickly.

Our core value includes providing information intelligently while keeping the privacy and security of this data at the forefront of our product development. Together we can improve the efficiency, safety, and health of our communities.



Mark Pittman has the idea for Blynscy while stuck at a traffic light

First sensor is developed


First Customer

First customer deployment in Park City


Seed Money

Blynscy raises seed round


Pulse Product Launch

Blynscy's Pulse product launched to help with traffic monitoring.


Signed Multiple Distributors

Blynscy signs multiple distributors in moves into other states


Payver with UDOT

Blynscy launches payver with UDOT


New Mexico Deploys Payver

New Mexico launches Payver to create Smart Work Zones


Statewide Payver Deployment

First statewide Payver deployment begins