Utilities Maintenance System

Manage your utilities with Blyncsy

With automatic and near real-time maintenance detections, we can help you manage your utilities efficiently.


Increase Safety

Allow drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists to feel safe on their roadways. 


Save Resources

Decrease energy usage and better utilize employee's time 


Save Time

No need for manual inspections. Spend more time fixing issues, rather than searching for them. 


Save Money

By utilizing resources efficiently and identifying areas of weakness, Blyncsy can save you money. 

Save energy and money

Street Lights

Street light management currently relies on employees having to drive roads to search for maintenance issues or on public complaint.

Automatically detect if street lights are out at night or on during the day with Blyncsy to:

  • Increase Safety
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Save Energy and resoures
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Increase safety

Power Lines

Rather than sending out crews to inspect power lines, let Blyncsy do it for you. We can give you a roadway view into the condition of your power lines.


  • Sagging Power Lines
  • Vegetation Encroachment
  • Leaning Pole
  • Digital Twins