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Stay up to date on new federal rules and regulations and let Blyncsy help you meet them. Using artificial intelligence and crowdsourced dashcam imagery, Blyncsy helps you know where your largest problems are, so you can prioritze your work flow accordingly.

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Federal Standard

Maintaining Pavement Marking Reflectivity

Agencies now have 3.5 years to implement a method in order to maintain the new minimum standards for paintline reflectivity. This is the first time that the federal government has ever set a minimum standard for reflectivity.

Get ahead of the curve with Blyncsy.

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Federal Standard

6" Vs. 4" Pavment Markings

FHWA proposes to indicate that 6-inch wide lines are to be used for freeways, expressways, and ramps as well as for all other roadways with speed limits greater than 40 mph and that 4- to 6-inch wide lines are to be used for all other roadways. FHWA proposes this change to improve visibility and consistency on "high speed" facilities and based on research showing improved machine vision detectability.[5152]

Blyncsy can automatically detect where your pavement markings need improvment.

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