Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure

Autonomous Roads for an Autonomous Future

We are on the cusp of an autonomous driving future. The technology within vehicles is ready, however our roadways and infrastructure are not. We’ve been building and managing roads for humans who can guess and anticipate intricate situations on the roads in ways machines never will.

That's why the way we manage our roadways must be held to the same standards as the in-vehicle technology itself.

There's only one solution- autonomous roads for autonomous vehicles

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Why Autonomous Roads?

Innovative Infrastructure for Innovative Vehicles

We’ve been building and managing roads for humans who can guess and anticipate intricate situations on the roads in ways machines never will.

Whether it's a missing stop sign or a fading paint line, infrastructure maintenance issues could cost lives when it comes to autonomous vehicles.


  • Paint Line Quality
  • Signs
  • Infrastructure Damage
  • More!
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Through initiatives like WZDx and SAFx, we can make data accessible to everybodyBy democratizing safety critical data, we can increase safety for autonomous vehicles. By increasing vehicle to infrastructure communications, we can ensure that everybody gets from point A to point B safely. 

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Safety Awareness Feature Exchange

We created a federal, open-source data feed, to report safety-related roadway features. We have uploaded our own real-time data on the location and conditions of crosswalks, curve signs, and school zones. With this data, autonomous vehicles will understand when a safety critical event has occurred or if they are entering areas like school zones.

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Work Zone Data Exchange

Work zones are  one of the largest obstacles for the commercial deployment of connected autonomous vehicles. The WZDx initiative will better work zone reporting and will increase road safety for all drivers.

Here at Blyncsy, we are offering "WZDx for All." This is an opportunity for agencies to join the WZDx movement, without the need for your own RFP.

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Pieces of the Puzzle

Real-Time Data Feed

Machine Vision and
AI on Roadways

Machine vision and artificial intelligence can deliver real-time and automated insights into the status of infrastructure.

Manual surveys will never provide the data and insights needed to address maintenance issues at a speed to where they don't pose a threat to autonomous vehicles.

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A Virtual Copy of Infrastructure Systems

Digital Twins

By creating digital twins of roadway and other infrastructure systems, we can finally fully understand what is going on and when. However, the success of digital twins is dependent fully on whether it is being fed with real-time and accurate data. 

  • Real-Time Situational Awareness
  • Visualize Current and Future Maintenance Trends
  • Smarter Roadways
Communication Determines Safety

Vehicle to Infrastructure Communication

Being able to incorporate these real-time insights and digital twins into the vehicle technology will ensure for safe driving. The key to safe autonomous driving is situational awareness which can only be achieved through data.