Transit Vehicle Road Intelligence

Automate Bus Shelter Condition Assessments

Let's Get More People on Transit Together

Blyncsy uploads photos from dashcams already in thousands of cars on roadways to deliver you near real-time insights on the condition of your bus shelters. Reduce costs and drive efficiency, while making bus stops more comfortable for everyday riders.

Be Sure Shelters are Clean


Bus shelter cleanliness is a vital key in getting people back on transit. With Blyncsy, you can automatically get detected when there is trash near your bus shelters.

Other detections include:

  • Graffiti
  • Shattered glass
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Make Sure Riders Feel Safe


Blyncsy can help you make sure bus stops are well lit at night and that you aren't using energy during the day.

Detect lights that aren't on at night or on during the day.

Make Sure Bus Stops Are Accessible


Make sure your buses can get where they need to go.

Blyncsy's machine vision can give you real-time insights into the accessibility of your bus stops. Detect if vehicles and other objects are obstructing your bus shelters and their ability to be serviced.

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