Meet the New Safety Awareness Feature Exchange (SAFx)

We created an open source data feed, so everybody can access data on safety-critical road assets throughout the nation. By uploading our very own real-time data as well as giving others the opportunity to upload to the feed, we hope to democratize roadway data to create safer roads for drivers of today and autonomous vehicles of tomorrow. The SAFx is modelled using the same framework as the FHWA's WZDx initiative.

Together, let's reduce fatalities and support Vision Zero.


Payving the way for Autonomous Vehicles

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Detect What?

Automated Detection

Curve Warning Signs

Blyncsy can automatically detect the location of curve warning signs. It can also detect changes such as missing or damaged signs, so that agencies can quickly and efficiently repair or replace them.

  • Location
  • Missing Signs
  • Damaged Signs
  • Reflectivity and Visibility
Curve Sign
School Zone
Automated Detection

School Zones

Tragically, there were more than 1,000 fatal school-transportation-related crashes between 2011 and 2020, with an average of 113 fatalities per year. Some studies have found that as many as 40 students are hit by a vehicle while walking each day, resulting in more than 15,000 injuries on an annual basis.

Let's change this statistic together. 

Automated Detection

Cross Walks

Pedestrian deaths that occur on an actual crosswalk account for less than 9 percent of all pedestrian deaths. That's why we are dedicated to making sure that all crosswalks are properly maintained.

By equipping agencies with the data needed to prioritize restriping efforts, we can increase crosswalk visibility and save lives. 

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