Smart Work Zone Reporting & WZDx

Machine Vision for Work Zone Reporting and WZDx

Using dash-cam imagery and machine vision, Blyncsy automatically detects work zone equipment to put your work zones on the map.

With real-time and accurate insights, you can conduct safety inspections from your desk and help update WZDx feeds.


  • Barrels
  • Cones
  • VMS Signs
  • Vehicles
  • And More
A common language for work zone data

Updating WZDx Feeds

Accessing timely and accurate work zone data has been extremely difficult... until now. The Work Zone Data exchange will truly democratize work zone data. WZDx allows agencies to upload harmonized work zone data to public feeds, so that everybody can easily access data and make informed decisions.


  • Put work zones on the Map
  • Upload safety critical information to feeds
  • Communicate information to drivers on roadways
  • Prepare infrastructure for autonomous vehicles
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Why Blyncsy?

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Increase Safety

In 2020, there were 857 total work zone fatalities- making work zones 3x more dangerous than non-work zone freeways. Let's change this statistic.

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Automated Detections

Through our partnerships with dashcam distributors, we have access to over 400,000 dashcams already on roadways.

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Roadway View

See your roads through the lens of drivers, and one day, autonomous vehicles. Let's create infrastructure for drivers of today and tomorrow.

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Less Manual Surveys

By automating maintenance detections and safety inspections, Blyncsy takes boots off the ground, while increasing safety.

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How To Implement WZDx on Your Roads

North Central Texas Council of Governments

Agencies can use this contract to deploy Blyncsy's machine vision technology for WZDx feeds, without needing their own RFP or going out to bid.

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Blyncsy Announces WZDx For All

We are excited to announce that we are offering rapid pilots to agencies to test and deploy machine-vision detections of their work zones and report the data to the WZDx data feed in 24 hours for a week at a cost of $5,000. 

A Simple Solution to a Large Problem

The WZDx initiative focuses on data. By democratizing data that already exists, everybody can have access to insights that will make work zones safer for drivers of today and autonomous vehicles of tomorrow. 

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Other Ways People Have Benefited From Blyncsy

Overlay images onto work plans

Safety Inspections From Your Desk

Overlay Blyncsy's roadway images onto work zone plans. Rather than sending agency employees out to drive through work zones, Blyncsy does it for you using crowdsourced dashcam imagery.

  • Objective and accurate data
  • Real-time insights
  • Automated surveys
Make sure your assets are where they need to be

Blyncsy for Permitting

We can upload your permits base map into our platform and provide automated images that detect work zone-related equipment. From cones to vehicles to variable message signs, Blyncsy allows you to:

  • Detect unpermitted encroachments
  • Conduct safety inspections from your desk
  • Automatically detect safety critical issues