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Improve traffic monitoring with Pulse

Blyncsy Pulse is a real-time monitoring system that collects data from advanced movement sensors. Pulse streamlines the collection, processing, and dissemination of traffic data. Our solution generates high fidelity movement data and analytics to visualize, set alerts, build reports, view maps, and monitor real-time data.

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Route Analyzer

Select specific routes for user analysis of travel times, speed, delays, free flows, minimum/average confidence and weather data. Review route history and compare historical data


Origin & Destination

A performance tool included to measure different paths of travel from one sensor to another, historical dates and times can be analyzed by the full date range or segmented by rush hour, weekends or events.



A tool for monitoring and controlling an agency's traffic control and ITS infrastructure. Bring data into a single repository for a real-time, integrated view of traffic operations.



The DJI Mavic 2 Pro is the latest and greatest camera drone from DJI, with a camera from Swiss camera manufacturer.

Our proprietary Blync sensors passively read the signals of electronic devices as they pass by. This allows Blyncsy to peform a traffic study, in near real-time, every second of every day, almost anywhere.



Pulse.io connects your various data sources with the Movement Engine and allows users to pull raw data directly from Pulse. Using an API driven architecture Pulse.io provides increased access to your most meaningful data, including connectivity to DMS/VMS systems.