Machine Vision on Roadways

The New Age of Maintenance

Utilizing dash cam footage from inside thousands of cars already on roadways and machine learning, Payver can automatically detect anything the eye can see.

From pot holes to traffic light outages, Payver provides real time insights into the quality of your roadways. Departments from across the country are piloting Payver to increase safety, sustainability, and efficiency on their roadways.

If you can see it, so can Payver.

Safety is a Priority

Smart Work Zones

With Payver, you can gain automatic insights into the condition of your work zones.


  • Barrels
  • Cones
  • Variable Message Signs
  • Vehicles
  • More
Preserve the Life of Pavement


Using machine vision, Payver can automatically detect cracking, striping conditions, and score pavement according to the PASER scale- all within 1% accuracy of LiDar.

Get insights on cracking, PASER analysis, and striping conditions

Detect Safety Critical Assets

Road Assets

Automatically get notified if a roadside asset needs maintenance

  • Damaged impact attenuators
  • Curb detection
  • Debris
  • And more
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Save money and resources

  • Payver can detect if street lights are not on at night or on during the day
  • Detect power lines: line sagging, vegetation encroachment, and leaning poles
  • Save energy and increase safety

We have over 50 detection models

Payver can currently detect over 50 different assets and we are currently building more models.

Departments Using Payver

Blyncsy's Collaboration with The University of Utah's Deep Learning Certificate Program

The University of Utah's Deep Learning Certificate Program is collaborating with Blyncsy to help students develop deep technology talent. Part of the R430, Deep Technology Initiative, students are utilizing Blyncsy Cloud to apply artificial intelligence and new techniques to push the boundaries of transportation system management.

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