Revolutionizing Roadway Safety

Data-Driven, Sustainable Solutions for NCTCOG cities

NCTCOG pays 80% or more of total project costs

Unlock the power of intelligent infrastructure solutions with Blyncsy, the leader in harnessing crowd-sourced imagery and cutting-edge AI to elevate your city’s maintenance awareness and help build accurate asset inventories. By seamlessly integrating AI-identified maintenance issues and assets into tools like ArcGIS, Excel, and Asset Management Platforms, Blyncsy empowers your GIS analysts and maintenance personnel to make informed, data-driven decisions that enhance safety, sustainability, and efficiency.

Ready to Transform Your City's Infrastructure? Take the first step towards safer, more sustainable roadways.

Blyncsy automated construction zone detection of traffic barriers, cones and barrels

NCTCOG, our valued partner, has chosen Blyncsy through a rigorous competitive bidding process, establishing a groundbreaking funding match of 80/20. This means your city contributes no more than 20% of the total project cost, unlocking unparalleled financial efficiency. The only requirement is the city utilizes Blyncsy data for work zone reporting. Moreover, the simplicity of the procurement process is ensured by leveraging this existing agreement, streamlining your path to advanced infrastructure solutions.

Experience the Impact: In a recent collaboration with Plano, Texas, Blyncsy's Blyncsy software saved over $900 per centerline mile of roadway surveyed compared to traditional methods. From sign inventory to vegetation encroachment, pavement condition to streetlight assessment, Blyncsy's solutions redefine cost-effectiveness and pave the way for organizations like NCTCOG to thrive in the era of intelligent infrastructure.

Autonomous Maintenance Issue Detection

Pavement Condition and Paint Lines

  • Summary data such as PASER
  • Fine grained data such as cracking and potholes
  • Paint line visibility and retroreflectivity
Blyncsy automated sign classification and roadway sign condition detection
Blyncsy automated streetlight outage detection

Streetlight Condition

  • Streetlights malfunctioning

Vegetation encroachment, debris, animals, potholes

  • Allow your team to prioritize maintenance work and efficiently address multiple issues in a single trip
  • Detect issues before they are reported by the public
Blyncsy automated road condition, crack and pothole detection

Autonomous Asset Inventory

Road Signage

  • Condition of existing signage
  • Type of signage
Blyncsy automated road signage and traffic light outage detection
Blyncsy automated guardrail damage detection

Pavement Markings, Crosswalks, Guardrails

  • Improve asset inventory accuracy
  • Stay up-to-date on condition of current inventory

Why Blyncsy


Crowdsouced imagery

Update your on-road imagery in near real-time, and more cost effectively, with Blyncsy’s crowd-sourced solutions.


Ease of use

As a packaged solution, Blyncsy provides your team with the right data, at the right time, automatically.


Compatible with your Tools

Blyncsy is integrated with a wide array of systems you likely already use such as ArcGIS, Excel, or Asset Management Platforms, allowing your data to stay up-to-date and accessible within your preferred software platform.

How are NCTCOG and Blyncsy working together?

NCTCOG will be allocating up to $2.5 Million in funding as a crucial step towards safer roads, streamlined traffic management, and improved infrastructure conditions in the region. NCTCOG will cover 80% or more of the total project cost.

NCTCOG has already completed a competitive bidding process, and an RFP is in place for your agency to utilize.


Begin the transformation of your city's infrastructure, paving the way for safer and more sustainable roads.