Machine Vision for Aeronautics and Aviation

Using images and videos from cameras on runways along with machine learning algorithms, we can help you manage aircraft and runway conditions with automatic and real-time detections.

Machine Vision for Aviation

Automated insights on your runway, from your desk.

  • Images from cameras on runways and airport vehicles + MAchine learning alorithims =
  • Remote flight operation counting - highly accurate and automated plane counts and detailed data about registered vehicles
  • Runway pavement condition alanalysis - Identity potential issues and extend the life of your pavement
Automatic and Passive

Remote Flight Operation Counting

Flight operation monitoring for non-towered airports can present a significant challenge, especially in rural areas. Blyncsy, incorporating breakthrough research published by the Utah Department of Transportation (Report No. UT-21.28, Farhadmanesh), presents an ideal solution: AiVion™. A completely passive video-based system collects data from remote sites and utilizes artificial intelligence to produce highly accurate counts, as well as detailed data about registered vehicles.

Tail Number Detection 2
Preserve the Life of Runway Pavement

Runway Pavement Condition Assessment

Using dash cams inside of airport vehicles, HD images of pavement condition can be assessed automatically highlighting potential issues and helping you extend the life of your pavement and complete your reporting requirements without the need to shutdown air traffic.

How It Works

A network camera at the site sends motion-capture clips of aircraft taxiing on the runway to Blyncsy’s cloud-based image processing pipeline. Reports are then delivered automatically to clients with the following information:

  • Time/Date

  • Location

  • Tail Number

  • Aircraft Registration Record (e.g., owner, aircraft type, engine type, etc.)

  • Image

  • Runway Pavement Condition Analysis

Additionally, web-based application programming interfaces (API) offer additional integrations, such as web maps and dashboards.

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